Jewelry making at The Devil’s Workshop

Ring I created during the Silversmith for Beginners class

Following up on my previous post about some upcoming projects – I recently had another article featured in The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide about making your own jewelry.  This has always been an interest of mine & I wanted to put my creative energies into use by trying out a Silversmithing class.  After doing some research, I chose to try some classes at The Devil’s Workshop (890 Queen St. W) in Toronto.  I started off by taking a Silversmith for Beginners class where students learn to create a unique piece of jewelry tailored to them out of silver, copper or brass.  I am very happy that I took this class, it only fueled my interest in jewelry making even more!  Since then I have created some great pieces that I still love & wear.  It has been a long time since I’ve felt so focused on a project (filing, sawing, polishing), it felt so good to create something out of scratch from start to finish! What’s great about the class is that it is a small class size allowing for a lot of attention from the instructor.

If this sounds up your alley, check out my full story on The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide: 🙂

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