I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Prague

For anyone who knows me, it’s no secret that I love to travel and that I have an adventurous spirit by nature.  Having traveled to over 15 countries and experienced things like sand boarding in Peru and swimming with sting rays in Antigua, my thirst to explore and experience new destinations, cultures, food and landscapes has not waned.

When I learned about the Blogger Competition with “Go with Oh” on www.GowithOh.com, I jumped at the chance of entering to win an experience of a lifetime!  The winning Blogger will be provided accommodation in “Go with Oh’s” holiday rental apartments in up to 4 different European cities and the opportunity to share their impression of each city.  Since the concept of my blog is for readers to follow my footsteps wherever my feet may take me, I feel this competition is very fitting.

To enter, contestants choose one of Go with Oh’s ten destinations and write a blog post about 5 things they would most like to do or experience in the chosen city…so here I go!

“I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Prague”

The capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, Prague is architecturally stunning and full of old world charm.  Here is my 5 point wish list of what I’d most like to do in Praha (aka Prague):

1.  Explore “Old Town” Prague

There is something enchanting about being in a place with so much history and beauty…it has been in existence for over 1,000 years!  The first activity on my list would be to get lost walking the cobblestone streets through the winding streets and alleyways.  Perhaps I would go on foot or rent a bike, admiring Gothic and Renaissance inspired architecture as I make my way to the Old Town Square.  While here I would stop to work my way up the spiral staircase to the top of Old Town Tower and take in a panoramic view of the Square.  I wouldn’t leave the square without seeing the Astronomical Clock and its hourly display of moving figures.  The oldest parts of the clock date back to the 1400’s!  My exploration through Old Town Prague would not be complete without crossing the Charles Bridge.  This landmark is heavily visited by large crowds of tourists.  To beat the masses and experience its beauty in quiet and stillness, visiting the bridge at dawn would be best.  Before leaving the bridge, I would be sure to touch the statue of St. John of Nepomuk, a Czech martyr saint, who is said to bring good luck and ensure your return to Prague.

2.  National Marionette Theatre

Marionette Theatre is a long standing traditional form of entertainment in Prague.  Professionally skilled and handcrafted, marionettes are brought to life for performances such as Mozart’s “Don Giovanni”.  Along with seeing a show, I couldn’t leave Prague without making my very own marionette in a special workshop offered by the Theatre.  Choose from 15 types of traditional Czech marionettes and craft it under the supervision of an experienced visual artist.

3.  Beer Spa ZOTO

Yes, you read it right, a beer spa!  In Euromonitor  2010, Czech Republic is listed as the number one country in annual consumption of beer.  So it only seems natural that a country known for spas would incorporate beer into this industry.  Guests sit in a beer bath which is said to improve immunity, movement and circulation.  After a hop filled soak, guests relax on an oat bed to sweat out toxins.  Added bonus:  you can enjoy a cold lager while in the beer bath.

4.  Having a brew at an old historic Prague Tavern

No trip to Prague would be complete without experiencing a fresh brew in a historical tavern such as Na Slamniku near Prague Castle or U Fleků (claiming to have been first established in 1499) which offers traditional Czech food and an accordionist.    

5.  Prague Castle

The Guinness Book of Records cites Prague Castle as being the biggest castle in the world.  Dating back to the 9th century, Prague Castle sits on a hilltop overlooking the city.  A guided tour of the castle interior, to take in the historic and intricate structure, would be quite stunning.  While traveling, I am always looking for that perfect photo, and I think I will find it by having the castle as a picturesque centrepiece…lit up at night or at the break of dawn.

If I am fortunate enough to win this contest I can promise to provide the “Go with Oh” audience fun and informative insight about each destination.  I will offer a willingness to experience new things and keep you up to date through blog posts, tweets and videos.

Be sure to check out www.GowithOh.com for competition details and for an opportunity to win 4 fantastic prizes in their Facebook competition!

Thanks for reading,


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5 Responses to I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Prague

  1. Joyful says:

    Great post! You made me want to pack my bags and go.

  2. Fan Forever says:

    I hope you win so I can hear more about the Beer Spa.
    Good luck!

  3. Karen says:

    ive never heard of a beer spa, but i’d love to try it! i hope u win 🙂

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