I want to “Go with Oh” to Paris!

Hi everyone,

On March 25th I told you why I want to “Go with Oh” to Prague. Well I had so much fun writing this that I’m back to tell you about why I am itching to “Go with Oh” to Paris!

Ah, Paris. O-o-oh la la!  There’s something magical about the word Paris.  It rolls softly off the tongue, stirs my senses and imagination.  It immediately conjures up thoughts of decadent desserts, fragrant bakeries, cafe au lait, museums, architecture and art.

What better way to experience Paris than by staying in a “Go with Oh” holiday apartment?  Feel like a local!  One of the great benefits of staying in this style accommodation is that you can settle in and feel more at home with all of its comforts and amenities!

Now that I have my “Go with Oh” Parisian apartment, it’s time to get to the streets to explore the city.  Apart from seeing the must see sites such as The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Paris, here is my 5 point wish list of what else I would like to experience in Paris.

1.      It’s all about the food!

France is known for great cuisine and sweets.  So naturally one of the top experiences to check off on my list would be taking a cooking class.  Paris offers some mouth watering classes that combine market tours to pick up fresh ingredients for use in creating a delicious French dish.  Learn recipes to take home with you to impress your family and friends.  Or, better yet, re-create them in your Parisian apartment! What comes after the main course?  Well dessert of course! I have a real sweet tooth. To top off the experience, I would finish off with a pastry making class.  Macaroons, flaky pastries and éclairs oh my!

My other food stops would include:  Angelina’s to experience their famous whip cream topped hot chocolate l’Africain, with a side of cake or sumptuous pastry, in a true French style tea room.

2.      Learn Paris like a local by taking a customized guided walking tour

To learn the ins and outs of Parisian neighbourhoods, I would take a customized guided tour of Paris’ hidden gems and off the beaten track backstreets.  After becoming acquainted with local culture, traditions and the city, I’ll be a pro, tourists will be asking me for directions! 🙂 This tour would be perfect for sharing great tips and difficult to find gems with my readers and the “Go with Oh” network.

3.      Photography course

Photographs are some of my favourite mementos. I can always be found snapping photos during my travels.  Having said that, what better way to get that signature shot while in Paris than by taking a Photo Tour?  Companies such as Better Paris Photos  provide customized one-on-one tours tailored to your interests whether they are architecture, people or historic buildings.

4.      La Pagode cinema

Located on a quiet street, this movie theatre is a real one-of-a-kind find.  Built in 1896 this unique theatre is a Japanese pagoda with a warm, richly decorated interior with chandeliers, stained glass windows and paintings.  After taking in a film, I would love to unwind with a cup of tea in the theatre’s Japanese garden.

5.       Les Passages Couverts

Shopping with personality.  A fun and picturesque alternative for me to get my shop on is to take a trip to some of the city’s old glass-roofed covered passages .   Said to date from the 18th and 19th centuries, full of character, these passages offer a variety of bookstores, shops, boutiques, tea rooms and cafes.

Of course there is so much more to see in Paris and I want to win to have the opportunity to share it with you and “Go with Oh”.

Remember to check out www.GowithOh.com for competition details and for an opportunity to win 4 fantastic prizes (including an iPad & Panasonic Lumix camera) in their Facebook competition!   While on the website, take a look at “Go with Oh’s” apartment style holiday rentals for pictures, reviews and apartment details.  The apartments look like a beautiful place to call home while on holiday!

Thanks for reading,


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