Salsa Saturdays at Lula Lounge

I’m always up for trying new things and like to change it up every now and then on the weekends.  I love Latin music and have been thinking of going to a salsa club for a long time.  I was always a wee bit hesitant as I imagined they would be full of people who are salsa pros…and I would just stand out like a sore thumb.  It wasn’t until I came across Toronto’s own Lula Lounge salsa club that I put together some serious plans of finally giving it a shot!  So I grabbed a friend and headed to the popular Salsa Saturdays at Lula Lounge which features a beginner’s dance lesson, live music and salsa dancing all night long!  When I got there, it was such a relief to see that there were people of all different ages and skill levels, couples and friends, including girls out for a ladies’ night.



It was a lot of fun!  For my full account and review, take a look at the story I wrote for Toronto’s Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide

Have a great week!

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