Brunch at the Gladstone Hotel

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This year I am determined to get as many new experiences under my belt as possible.  Whether it be professionally, jetting off to a new destination, trying a new activity or eating my way through as many new restaurants as I can.

This weekend was a long weekend in Canada (loooove those!) and we were blessed with gorgeous weather so I hit the streets of Toronto with my sister to enjoy some time outside.  Armed with hungry bellies and no real plan in mind, we found ourselves landing in the Cafe of the Gladstone Hotel for their weekend brunch.  Bright and airy, the natural light and brick interior made for a warm and inviting space perfect for settling yourself in to socialize over a cappuccino or a meal.

The breakfast and lunch menu offer a wide variety of interesting choices and dishes with well thought out and unique pairings.  My eyes fell on the banana bread French toast with a miso-butterscotch drizzle, mango salad, pecan mousse and side of sausage ($11)… I didn’t need to look any further!    I ordered a decadent dish while my sister opted for the more savoury Crispy Pork Toastie with bacon, tomato and baby greens sandwiched between the softest, chewiest grilled Naan bread ($12).

Banana bread French Toast

Pork Toastie

My banana bread French toast masterpiece did not disappoint!  It was the perfect portion, left me feeling satisfied and content, and not too full.  The meal was a contrast of dense and light flavours and textures.  The banana bread was very soft and moist, tasted wonderful on its own, dipped in the butterscotch drizzle and aromatic pecans or the incredibly light, airy and delicate pecan mousse.  Between bites, the side of sausage and pecan mousse were perfect to offset the sweetness of the butterscotch and banana bread, offering both a savoury and subtle relief from its sweetness.

I will definitely come back for seconds!  The Weekend Brunch in the Gladstone Cafe is available Saturday – Sunday from 7am-4pm.

Originally built in 1889, The Gladstone Hotel is also known for its 37 unique art inspired guest rooms, each designed by different artists.  The Gladstone Hotel  is located at Queen St. W & Dufferin St, Toronto, ON.

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One Response to Brunch at the Gladstone Hotel

  1. Fan Forever says:

    Good luck in your quest for new adventures.
    Those meals look yummy!!!!

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