SOMA Chocolatemaker

Some days a rich cup of real hot chocolate is a perfect end of day treat to wind down. Close your eyes and slip into a dreamy state of chocolate euphoria at SOMA Chocolatemaker.

When I happen to be in Toronto’s Distillery District (55 Mill Street), I sometimes like to stop into SOMA for that fix.  As soon as you walk through the doors you are greeted by a deliciously sweet aroma of decadent chocolate.    Immediately to your right are displays of neatly wrapped chocolates, cookies and other edible handmade goodies that are beckoning and drawing you forward to peruse further.

All the treats are made on site from scratch using fair trade cocoa beans from around the world.  What’s cool about the cafe is that you can peer into their glass walled “chocolate making room”, “chocolate lab” and (gasp!) “gelato laboratory” where they “cook up” their own gelato and chocolate!

Although I have yet to try their chocolates and gelato, I have indulged in their drinkable chocolate delights.  Their drink menu is rather small, but has some rich and decadent choices.  For a more traditional hot chocolate, try the “Dark side of the Mug” which combines dark ground chocolate with your choice of milk (which I prefer), hot water or drinking it in a small concentrated shot.  This beverage is very rich and really hits the spot if you are having a craving for the taste of chocolate.  Probably the most unique, complex and interesting cups of cocoa I have ever sipped is their Mayan Hot Chocolate.  Made of Venezuelan chocolate, Australian ginger, orange peel, Madagascar Vanilla, cinnamon and chili peppers, this drink has a good spicy kick.

A hot cup of “Dark side of the Mug”

Another beverage I am just dying to try is a concoction of melted dark chocolate, espresso and whipped cream…need I say more???  Sounds like something to sip slowly and savour.  Heaven!

SOMA has a small sitting area, but I prefer to get my drink to go and enjoy while walking through the stone walkways of the picturesque Distillery District.  This characteristic District is a national historic site and is comprised of old Victorian style building which now house restaurants, cafes, outdoor patios, retailers, artist studios and store fronts.  It’s a really great place to explore, photograph, eat and shop!  Walking and segway tours of the district are also available starting at $19.

Can’t make it to the Distillery District?  SOMA has another location at 443 King Street West.

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4 Responses to SOMA Chocolatemaker

  1. Fan Forever says:


  2. Joyful says:

    This is my kind of place…love dark chocolate…thanks for sharing. I now have another place to indulge.

  3. cocoa says:

    Mayan Hot Chocolate is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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