Food Adventures at Bar Mozza, Alimento Fine Foods

Toronto’s Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide recently sent me on another food tasting adventure to feature on their blog.  This time I had an awesome foodie experience at King St. West’s Alimento Fine Foods’ Bar Mozza.  After taking a look over the menu we would be sampling that evening, my jaw dropped as I read through all the mouthwatering Italian dishes we would be tasting….all made from scratch and using fine ingredients that focus on quality and flavour.  The food and restaurant space was just amazing! Best new food experience I have had in awhile!  After sharing an antipasti plate, 3 cold appetizers, 3 warm appetizers, dessert with the other guests and eating my own full sized main…I was sooo full…but enjoyed every bite 🙂  My favourite part of any dish was the cheese!  I have never has such wonderful fresh cheese before.  I did not want to stop eating it.  Every bite was as good as the last.  The staff onsite were also very friendly and attentive.

The cool thing about Alimento is that not only does it have a great bright interior ideal for meeting up with friends, co-workers and loved ones over a delicious meal, but there is also an adjacent food mart full of imported goodies from Italy (like pasta, cheese, olive oils, canned goods) and mains, made daily, to go.  They also have a cool olive oil refilling program on site.

For my full story featured on The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide, follow this link:

Here is a little photo sneak peek of what I sampled:

Is your mouth watering yet??? 🙂

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