Overdosing on cuteness at the Elephant Nature Park

Ok, I just had to make a separate post about baby Navaan. I took sooo many photos during my time at the park. Not kidding, I probably have over 500 of them. Seriously. I go a little crazy taking photos anyway, but I get a little snap happy when it comes to animals…especially baby animals. I just can’t stop myself!

I was lucky enough to spend some time around this little 4 legged wonder almost every day. I literally could not take my eyes off him as he mischievously chased after dogs, nestled against his mother, auntie, great auntie and nanny (yes, he has all 4!), splashed around clumsily in the mudpit and immitated the older elephants.  Navaan is full of spirit and brings a quiet smile to everyone who watches him.

Witnessing mudpit and bathe time was extraordinary! All 5 went to the mudpit and river together. This was the perfect place to learn about family bonds, behaviour and loyalty among elephants. The older female elephants formed a protective wall around Navaan. They were always aware of where he was and would thump the ground with their trunks (which sounds like hitting hollow wood) as a warning to strangers. One of his mothers feet was damaged by a landmine. The strongest and most physically healthy of the 4 females takes on the leadership role within the group. Elephants use their trunks to spray themselves with mud. The mud is cooling and acts as a natural sunscreen.

Since I have loads of pictures,  I just have to share some of them! This is my ode to baby Navaan. Enjoy!


In the bottom left photo, Navaan is giving himself a nice scratch against a pole.



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3 Responses to Overdosing on cuteness at the Elephant Nature Park

  1. Fan Forever says:

    Navaan is so fortunate to be raised and live in such a loving and safe environment. How long do the elephants stay at the park? How long will Navaan be at the park? Love your photos.

  2. Fan Forever says:

    Some humans can learn a lesson or two from the elephants!

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