What the hell happened to me?

After an exciting and jam packed 8 weeks of traveling, I recently made it back in one piece.  Before I left home I was excited and all gung-ho to share stories and photos from all the interesting places I would see. After my promise to blog as I made my way through Thailand, Indonesia and Australia I started off well and then…I disappeared.  What the heck happened to me you might have wondered?

Being new at blogging while traveling, I had every good intention of keeping up with my blog while on the road.  I thought I would be able to handle traveling and experiencing all that I wanted to do without skipping a beat with my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Then a series of events occurred.

I lost my cell phone in a corn field in Thailand while machete-ing lunch for over 30 hungry P1090825elephants during my volunteer week at the Elephant Nature Park.

The WordPress app on my tablet couldn’t make up its mind about whether or not it wanted to work.  Much to my ongoing frustration my work would not always upload or save. It was also proving to be very difficult to type on my 7 inch tablet.

As much as I appreciated my loved ones sending emails to check in and requesting updates, trying to respond to all of them proved to be rather overwhelming.

I found myself sitting in my hotel room in the evenings with my face buried in my tablet.

And then at some point I thought, to heck with it.  Why did I go on this holiday in the first place?  I wanted to escape, leave my life behind for awhile and to really soak up everything I was seeing and experiencing.

So I decided enough is enough and put my tablet into hibernation.

I settled on occasional Facebook posts so my friends and loved ones could keep themselves updated with my activities.

I apologize for not following through on my promise to blog my trip every step of the way.  I must admit, leaving my computer at home was very liberating and allowed me to focus on other things during the trip, which ended up being exactly what I needed.

But, the good news is that I have come back with plenty of photos and material to share now that I am home and can work on a proper computer 🙂

So stay tuned for stories about scuba diving and the best places to eat in beautiful Bali, and my first time setting foot down under.


~ Natalia

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3 Responses to What the hell happened to me?

  1. Margaret Ann says:

    Hi Natalia, you were gone but not forgotten.I look forward to your posts and getting updated on your adventures! 🌏🌠🌌

  2. Joyful says:

    Putting your tablet into hibernation was a fabulous idea. A trip like that deserved nothing less than total immersion…plenty of time to share your experiences on your return as you are doing now. I love that diving photo. WELCOME BACK!!

  3. Fan Forever says:

    Sometimes our plans don’t jive with reality, but that’s ok. We adapt and do whatever we have to do at the moment.
    Welcome back and I can’t wait to read about your adventures.

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