Summer Photo Series: the Toronto Zoo

collage 4

As a child, one of my favourite summer time excursions was going to the zoo.  Recently, on a beautiful sunny day, I paid a visit to the Toronto Zoo to relive some of those memories and experience the brand new Giant Panda exhibit.

Open since 1974, the zoo spans 710 acres and is separated into 7 zoogeographic regions:  Indo-Malaya, Africa, North & South America, Eurasia Worlds, Tundra Trek, Australasia and Canadian domain. With so many great exhibits to see, you really need to give yourself a full day to explore the zoo at your leisure. I like to give myself enough time to observe favourite animals.  When you’re still and patient, you usually get to witness a moment that would otherwise not have been seen if you rushed past.  This series of photos, from my Summer Photo Series, is dedicated to the many animals that showed their personality during my visit.  

The first stop I made was at the new Giant Panda Experience exhibit! Earlier this year, the Toronto Zoo received 2 breeding giant pandas, Er Shun and Da Mao, as part of a 5 year conservation loan.  A very popular exhibit, you can expect a very long line up to see the pandas, especially on a nice summer day.  I waited for over an hour to see them, but for me, it was worth the wait.


Panda’s are not known to be the most active of animals – they sit and eat 22-33 pounds of bamboo a day! Da Mao looked content and relaxed, leaning back as he chomped away at his bamboo lunch.






How are you planning on enjoying the rest of your summer?

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