Summer Photo Series: Cheltenham Badlands

Summer is officially over. Sigh. I will be wrapping up my Summer Photo Series with a few more posts dedicated to summer road trips (which can also be enjoyed during the Autumn months!). As the temperature drops, I hope these next few posts will bring a little bit of warmth and sunshine to your day!

I discovered the Cheltenham Badlands by accident. I was on my way to meet someone and was forced to take an alternate route due to road construction. I had to do a double take as I drove by. I have never seen anything like this in Ontario. Much larger than they appear, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered this pocket of dry, distinctively red land. It looked so out of place, sticking out like a sore thumb amongst all the greenery and farm land which typically flank country roads in Ontario. Once farm land, the formation is now exposed due to soil erosion from bad farming practices in the 1930’s. The Cheltenham Badlands are located about an hour outside of Toronto.

Tip: The Badlands are VERY dusty – don’t wear white shoes when you visit, they will be covered by a layer of red dust. Also, bring water and a hat – there is no shelter from the sun here and on warm, sunny day, the sun can get quite intense.

collage 1


How did you spend your last few days of summer?

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