Taking Chances and Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

I cannot believe that it has almost been one full year since I embarked on a two month solo trip through Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. Last February I made an announcement about my trip on my blog; a post about taking chances and stepping outside your comfort zone.

Boy am I glad I took that step to follow a dream.

Cheers to facing your fears and following your heart!


Reblogged postOriginal Post Date:  February 18, 2013

I have decided to act upon a dream that has danced around in my mind for several years now. Never acted upon, it nagged at me. My dream is to take an extended trip and travel around to a few different places.  In a few short days, I will be jetting off for 2 full months to Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.  During my solo adventure, I will be checking off a few “bucket list” items I have wanted to experience for awhile, including learning to scuba dive and doing volunteer work with wildlife.

At some point I found myself asking why it has taken me this long to act on it.  It was always one thing or another. The timing never felt right, I was afraid, I was waiting for the perfect job that would allow me the flexibility and opportunity to travel for work…the list goes on.  Perhaps part of me was just waiting for it to happen, to somehow miraculously take place on its own and land in my lap.

About 5 years ago I was traveling quite a bit, exploring new corners of the world.  I felt alive and in my element.  Then I decided it was time to buckle down and try to find a career path. I accepted a new job as a stepping stone and worked on building my resume and gaining professional skills.  While I do not regret that decision, having grown and developed many new skills, over time I grew restless and very frustrated with my inability to find a new job that I was truly passionate about. I also started to feel like I was never going to take the trip of my dreams.  I missed traveling and felt like I was in a rut at work.  It seemed like my life wasn’t shaping up as I had imagined it.  I had grown too comfortable, yet unsatisfied, with the day to day rhythm of my life.  I needed a change.  With a milestone birthday that crept up on me this past December, I suddenly realized that if I didn’t make this happen now, I never would.  I decided to take a chance, make a change, and yank myself right out of my comfort zone.  I asked for a leave of absence at work and although thankful it was granted, I knew in my mind that this trip was going to happen even if my request was denied. Now began the planning of my adventure.

Am I scared to travel solo?  Heck yes.  Some days I move from excitement to fear of taking this long journey on my own. Finally there will be a chance to slow down from my hectic life and be alone with my thoughts (which in itself can be scary!).  I have moments where I am nervous about my safety, where I worry about being lonely and being away from family, friends and my safety net.  Sure I am scared, but what I fear more is regret and always playing it safe in life wondering what could have been.   I am a firm believer that life is what you make of it and that one needs to create the life they want.  I believe that to truly grow and make things happen, you need to face fears and discomfort head on, pushing against your self-made boundaries, or at least take the chance and try.

I want to live an extraordinary life, full of experiences and memories, a life that is set by my own rules and that is true to me.  I want to be able to look back and say that I made the most of my time and lived life to the fullest.

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