About Me

Hello! My name is Natalia and I am a professional in the not-for-profit sector in Toronto, ON.  I am also a world traveler, always itching for another adventure! My travel experiences vary and have included teaching English in South Korea, sand boarding and volunteering in an orphanage in Peru, traveling solo in Cambodia, riding an elephant in Thailand and swimming with stingrays in Antigua. I love to explore (locally and abroad), see and do as much as I can in each destination.  My favorite memories and experiences come from immersing myself in local culture, people, food, traditions and local transportation (tuk tuk anyone?).  I love all types of traveling, from walking off the beaten track while backpacking to relaxing during an all inclusive vacation.

My passions include travel (of course!), film, good food, animals, a good laugh, dancing, events and old films.  I want to squeeze as much as I can out of life.  I love new experiences and am always finding something new to do! I am a hobby-a-holic.  You can often find me trying new things, such as volunteering at TIFF, taking interest courses like Silver Smithing, ballroom dancing and ballet.

This blog will not have a specific theme.  My intention is for readers to follow my footsteps (wherever my feet may take me!) and take a walk with me in my shoes. This is life as I know it.

You can also find me writing for The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide and Eat Drink Travel Magazine.


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